Over 60 years shaping acrylic solutions

From day 1 of its origin, the fascination for the acrylic glass material and the ability to shape it has been the foundation for the Polyplastic Group. Leveraging its light weight (only half versus traditional glass) it became the product of choice for caravans and motor homes in Europe and we are proud that over half of all these are equipped with Polyplastic windows. The truly unique way of cross fertilization between the production of the raw material, acrylic, to the manufacturing of complete acrylic based solutions is all done under one roof. This cross fertilization together with our in-depth application knowledge and our true customer intimacy approach drives our innovation. That's where the Polyplastic Group stands for: challenge the acrylic material properties and shape acrylic based solutions for you! Read more

Adding New Pillars

In recent years we have been looking at adding pillars to strengthen our foundation. Key pillar is and remains the caravaning industry, but we will expand our passion for acrylic by offering sustainable cooling solutions for refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets as well by supplying acrylic sheets and specialties for further processing elsewhere. If you want to get a further flavour of where we envision increased usage of our acrylic glass, See markets

Polyplastic companies: